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Sunday, 2 November 2014


If you are moving home soon there is plenty to think about before you hand your keys back over to your landlord/letting agents.
Firstly you must check to see if you are in need of an end of tenancy clean. This will be in your tenancy agreement or at least it should be! If it isn't then give your landlord/letting agents a quick call to see if you need one.

There are a couple of questions to ask too.

Number 1 - Ask if you need an oven clean.

This is very important as a full oven clean can vary in costs by different cleaning companies and also especially with an oven cleaning specialist.  Most landlords except a standard oven clean by a reputable cleaning company as opposed to having it specially cleaned every 12 months or so by new tenants, unless of course its a large shared house or student accommodation as quite a lot of these ovens can become very very dirty and a standard oven clean just won't do the job! A reputable cleaning company know exactly what to do in regards to oven cleaning and would have cleaned hundreds so know exactly what is expected from the landlords/letting agents.

The second question you must ask is if you require carpet cleaning. A lot of landlords/letting agents do expect the carpets to be cleaned before you leave the property so its a good idea if you are using a reputable cleaning company to do your end of tenancy clean in Chester  to ask if they specialise in carpet cleaning, as it can be a bit of a pain to get a cleaning company in and a carpet cleaning company in on the same day and at the same time. A good cleaning company will normally have their own carpet cleaning specialist to work around the cleaners just as the clean commences. This way the clean is finished on the same day.

It can be an arduous task if you decide to do your own end of tenancy clean. Remember, every single part of the house needs cleaning!

Not one part can be missed or your landlords/agents WILL pick up on it and if you decide not to go back and rectify the problem, which can be a pain especially if you have moved out of the area and possibly into another county, then you will be charged an amount out of your deposit and this can cost a small fortune. TRUST ME, I know as I deal with many many landlords and letting agents each month so I know this business inside out.

If you do choose to use a reputable cleaning company for your one off clean then make sure any problems regarding your clean that they do go back and rectify the problem as this can also become a problem with your landlords.

I have wrote an article regarding some letting agents and landlords not letting your cleaners go back to clean the property if they are saying the clean isn't up to scratch then making you use their own cleaners and charging you a massive chunk out of your deposit. This is unacceptable behaviour from the letting agents/landlords as it is down to you and your cleaning company to rectify any problems.

It is a little scam that numerous letting agents/landlords have been getting away with for quite some time and I have wrote a massive article about it and will soon be published to help tenants who are being ripped off and not just by dodgy landlords also it is a common practice with what you may call some leading estate agents/letting agents and this has got to stop!

The worst affected tenants have been the ones who are moving out of the area as they feel they cannot do anything about it because they have already moved so far away! A good cleaning company WILL work alongside your needs right up until the clean has been completed to 100 percent satisfaction by BOTH PARTIES.

If you feel that you are being treated unfairly or your landlords are telling you that your cleaning company cannot go back and finish the clean then this is a classic little scam and you WILL get charged money from your deposit so DO NOT agree to using your landlords/letting agents cleaning company if you have already paid your own cleaning company to do your end of tenancy clean for you. Be polite and ask them for the keys back if you have already handed them over already and tell them its no problem you already have a reputable cleaning company working for you and that they already said any problems they will go back and rectify.

DO NOT give in to what they tell you TRUST ME in regards to them saying you cannot use your own cleaning company again! It is because they want your money and they will probably slate your cleaning company and say anything for you to not use that cleaning company again and it leaves a sour taste in the mouth of the tenants and cleaning company which isn't fair especially after you probably would have had a good rapport with the cleaning company you are using. The tactics used are by some landlords quite appalling. You may think you have had a good rapport with these agents/landlords all along your tenancy but of course everything will be ok as you have been paying your rent on time and haven't caused any problems, unless you are a problem tenant then you must expect problems back,  but if you are moving out of their home and especially to another area miles away then you may experience some rather under hand tactics and to be honest quite tacky in order for them to make a few hundred pounds!

There are many REPUTABLE letting agents and landlords across Chester and I have an extensive list and portfolio of clients who use our services quite regularly and will provide a list for you should you ever wish to rent a new home from one and ones whom I know there will be no problems with your end of tenancy clean whether that be a short term let or a long term let!

The last thing you want when you are moving home is to encounter problems as alls you want to do is move out peacefully and leave the property in the same state you left it in, which pleases a landlord more than anything else as well as paying your rent, then look forward to moving into your new home as this can be quite a stressful time too so encountering any problems with your landlords is the least you need to be worrying about as its them who hold your deposit.

Always stay assertive and always take photos of your clean as proof that the clean was done to a high standard as if it wasn't up to scratch then you would notice anyway! Stay calm and talk to your cleaning company should you encounter any problems and do not worry as you can both work together to get any problems sorted.

If you are moving home soon and require any advice regarding your end of tenancy clean please feel free to EMAIL ME USING MY CONTACT FORM anytime. I will always get back to you the same working day or early evening is best as Im in peoples homes most of the day CLEANING!

Kind regards.



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