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Sunday, 2 November 2014


If you are moving home soon there is plenty to think about before you hand your keys back over to your landlord/letting agents.
Firstly you must check to see if you are in need of an end of tenancy clean. This will be in your tenancy agreement or at least it should be! If it isn't then give your landlord/letting agents a quick call to see if you need one.

There are a couple of questions to ask too.

Number 1 - Ask if you need an oven clean.

This is very important as a full oven clean can vary in costs by different cleaning companies and also especially with an oven cleaning specialist.  Most landlords except a standard oven clean by a reputable cleaning company as opposed to having it specially cleaned every 12 months or so by new tenants, unless of course its a large shared house or student accommodation as quite a lot of these ovens can become very very dirty and a standard oven clean just won't do the job! A reputable cleaning company know exactly what to do in regards to oven cleaning and would have cleaned hundreds so know exactly what is expected from the landlords/letting agents.

The second question you must ask is if you require carpet cleaning. A lot of landlords/letting agents do expect the carpets to be cleaned before you leave the property so its a good idea if you are using a reputable cleaning company to do your end of tenancy clean in Chester  to ask if they specialise in carpet cleaning, as it can be a bit of a pain to get a cleaning company in and a carpet cleaning company in on the same day and at the same time. A good cleaning company will normally have their own carpet cleaning specialist to work around the cleaners just as the clean commences. This way the clean is finished on the same day.

It can be an arduous task if you decide to do your own end of tenancy clean. Remember, every single part of the house needs cleaning!

Not one part can be missed or your landlords/agents WILL pick up on it and if you decide not to go back and rectify the problem, which can be a pain especially if you have moved out of the area and possibly into another county, then you will be charged an amount out of your deposit and this can cost a small fortune. TRUST ME, I know as I deal with many many landlords and letting agents each month so I know this business inside out.

If you do choose to use a reputable cleaning company for your one off clean then make sure any problems regarding your clean that they do go back and rectify the problem as this can also become a problem with your landlords.

I have wrote an article regarding some letting agents and landlords not letting your cleaners go back to clean the property if they are saying the clean isn't up to scratch then making you use their own cleaners and charging you a massive chunk out of your deposit. This is unacceptable behaviour from the letting agents/landlords as it is down to you and your cleaning company to rectify any problems.

It is a little scam that numerous letting agents/landlords have been getting away with for quite some time and I have wrote a massive article about it and will soon be published to help tenants who are being ripped off and not just by dodgy landlords also it is a common practice with what you may call some leading estate agents/letting agents and this has got to stop!

The worst affected tenants have been the ones who are moving out of the area as they feel they cannot do anything about it because they have already moved so far away! A good cleaning company WILL work alongside your needs right up until the clean has been completed to 100 percent satisfaction by BOTH PARTIES.

If you feel that you are being treated unfairly or your landlords are telling you that your cleaning company cannot go back and finish the clean then this is a classic little scam and you WILL get charged money from your deposit so DO NOT agree to using your landlords/letting agents cleaning company if you have already paid your own cleaning company to do your end of tenancy clean for you. Be polite and ask them for the keys back if you have already handed them over already and tell them its no problem you already have a reputable cleaning company working for you and that they already said any problems they will go back and rectify.

DO NOT give in to what they tell you TRUST ME in regards to them saying you cannot use your own cleaning company again! It is because they want your money and they will probably slate your cleaning company and say anything for you to not use that cleaning company again and it leaves a sour taste in the mouth of the tenants and cleaning company which isn't fair especially after you probably would have had a good rapport with the cleaning company you are using. The tactics used are by some landlords quite appalling. You may think you have had a good rapport with these agents/landlords all along your tenancy but of course everything will be ok as you have been paying your rent on time and haven't caused any problems, unless you are a problem tenant then you must expect problems back,  but if you are moving out of their home and especially to another area miles away then you may experience some rather under hand tactics and to be honest quite tacky in order for them to make a few hundred pounds!

There are many REPUTABLE letting agents and landlords across Chester and I have an extensive list and portfolio of clients who use our services quite regularly and will provide a list for you should you ever wish to rent a new home from one and ones whom I know there will be no problems with your end of tenancy clean whether that be a short term let or a long term let!

The last thing you want when you are moving home is to encounter problems as alls you want to do is move out peacefully and leave the property in the same state you left it in, which pleases a landlord more than anything else as well as paying your rent, then look forward to moving into your new home as this can be quite a stressful time too so encountering any problems with your landlords is the least you need to be worrying about as its them who hold your deposit.

Always stay assertive and always take photos of your clean as proof that the clean was done to a high standard as if it wasn't up to scratch then you would notice anyway! Stay calm and talk to your cleaning company should you encounter any problems and do not worry as you can both work together to get any problems sorted.

If you are moving home soon and require any advice regarding your end of tenancy clean please feel free to EMAIL ME USING MY CONTACT FORM anytime. I will always get back to you the same working day or early evening is best as Im in peoples homes most of the day CLEANING!

Kind regards.



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"If you look after your cleaner your cleaner will look after you!"

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Do you live in student accommodation or a large houseshare?

Do you live in student accommodation or a large houseshare where some of the others aren't pulling their weight in regards to the cleaning?
Over the next couple of months we have a massive amount of student let properties booked in for the end of year clean where many students are in their last year or are moving on to other student premises so I thought I will try to give you some cost effective tips on cleaning certain rooms along with a checklist of what needs to be done throughout the property especially for those who are moving out and for those that don't want to lose all or some of their deposit because of all the cleaning that needs to be done.
I have been cleaning many houseshares and student let properties for a number of years now so have plenty of experience in these types of cleans and also have the knowledge of what the landlords or letting agents expect to see when you leave your property or what they expect to see when they inspect the place.  This is because I work for many landlords and letting agents and have a good reputation as a first class cleaning company in Chester as well as surrounding areas including Cheshire, Wirral, NWales, Merseyside, Greater Manchester along with other surrounding areas too plus a large number of landlords/letting agents, etc, from across the UK, use my companies services for all their cleaning requirements.
Knowledge is key with these cleans as they aren't what you call your normal cleans in majority of cases because of the number of people living in the properties all sharing bathrooms, kitchens, etc plus the many parties quite a lot of the students have I fully understand what its like trust me!  
Some of these student properties can range from an average 3 bed semi detached home to a large 10/11 bedroom detached property with 2 kitchens and sometimes up to 4 bathrooms!  So as you can imagine a number of these student lets and houseshares can get rather unclean and also in such a short space of time.  If these homes aren't kept on top of cleaning wise then things can get really out of hand and the build up of grime, germs, dirt and rubbish can be quite overwhelming.
These problems can also bring other serious problems such as serious illness with the amount of germs breeding.  I have stated in other blog posts that it only takes 1 germ to multiply into 8 million in under 24 hours!! Thats a serious amount of germs for that amount of time so I think you can now see the importance of keeping on top of these properties with there being so many people from all different types of backgrounds and different personalities, and the need to work between yourselves and possibly set up a cleaning rota would work wonders for your home and more importantly your health.
My first little chat is regarding your kitchen!
Keeping your kitchen clean shouldn’t be a horrible job.  You definitely need to work in teams on set days during the month and keep it up regularly so the germs and grime won't build up!
It’s best to give the kitchen a good clean at least once a week with a large amount of people and fortnightly with the smaller lets. Pay particular attention to your fridge, oven, microwave and bin. Here’s some cheap, cost effective and eco-friendly ways to deal with your kitchen nightmares:
1.  If the kitchen is starting to give off some unusual odours, try adding a stick of cinnamon, orange peels and cloves to a pot of water and leave to simmer.  Don't just leave the actual problem of the smell though! Make sure you deal with this first and use my tip as an after clean!
2. Make sure the fridge has a good clear out once a fortnight and throw away any food past its best.
3.  Microwaves in large houseshares and student lets can become really grotty.  Simply mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice with 2 cups of water and pop into a microwaveable dish. Microwave on high for 3 mins, remove the dish, wipe with a damp cloth and then towel dry. Repeat if the stains are more stubborn!
4. Use vinegar when cleaning taps and descaling kettles as you’ll find it so much easier to remove dirt
5. Germs are more likely to breed if your clean glasses are kept upside down so keeping them upright is best.
6. If your windows are in need of a good clean, try mixing lemon juice with water to make a handy cleaning solution. This works wonders!  Even cleaning with newspapers leaves the windows stain free!
7. To make sink cleaning simpler, try sprinkling baking soda and cleaning with a damp cloth and buff the taps up with a dry tea towel makes the kitchen sink look gleaming.
8. You can also shine up chrome fittings with a bit of baking soda, or flour works too [how amazing is that]
9. If you use the frying pan a lot and you are struggling to shift burnt on stains off your frying pan from last night’s dinner then add 2 tablespoons of baking soda, half a cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water and boil for 10 minutes. This should bring it up as good as new!
10. Little things like getting the cheese of a grater can even be a technical challenge. I recommend getting a pastry brush to get in those tiny holes!
So why not create a cleaning rota for you and your flat/housemates? That way everyone knows who’s responsible for what job each week, and you’re less likely to have problems with 1 or 2 or many more of your house mates not pulling their weight!
Good luck.
Email me for any advice or if you just want a chat I always get back to everyone within the same working day 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Brilliant last few weeks.

Last month, May 2014, we were inundated with requests for regular cleaning of homes and also quite a number of end tenancy cleans totalling 28 enquiries altogether just for the Chester area alone!
We gained many new clients all of whom were completely satisfied with the work undertaken by ourselves which again shows me that we are doing a job well done.  I also booked in another 6 student properties with one student let company for the summer holidays along with the many I have booked in already through another letting agent.  We also gained 2 more office cleaning contracts which I am pleased to say we have started off with a good working relationship, again, shows me that my cleaning team aim to please!

I do a lot of the work myself but also have a fantastic team around me and I'm very careful not to take anyone on who just isn't up for the job or a bit of hardwork!

The cleaning team I have work tirelessly as it can be an arduous task cleaning homes each day but they all know what we expect from them and also my clients all know what to expect now when they return home from work or have had a busy day or whatever they know they are all returning home to a nice clean house.

It's great when we get a nice little note just to say "wonderful Adele" or whatever or a little text through of our clients because then that makes me feel even more happy and also it makes us all feel more appreciated as I know some cleaning companies can get a hard time but thats normally because they are just employing anyone to fill their space because they have a new client.

If I had a new client on board but didn't have the right cleaner available then I would really have to apologise to the new client and advise him/her that at this time we don't have any spaces available for you until a reputable cleaner can be added to my team.

I feel its so important to have and to keep the good reputation of Clean Queen that it has taken a few years to be built up that I wouldnt want it to be lost within 5 minutes, because this is what can happen when employing the wrong staff.

So all in all a good positive outcome for the end of last month and the trend has continued on into this month which I am very pleased again to say with a couple more home visits next week booked in and hopefully all goes well.

I really like to get to know each client personally and I know I think I've explained that in older blog posts but I really want all my clients to know that I am always on hand up until 9pm each evening as I understand some people get in later than others from work and this is part of the nature of running a business. It's never a 9-5 job! ha But again I don't mind getting a text or call or even an email later on I always do my best to reply to everyone the same working day but it is normally early evening that is best.

So there is a bit more for you to read about us and I'd like to welcome on board all the new clients once again and still a big thanks with all those who are still with us :)

Remember "if you look after your cleaner your cleaner will look after you". Thats for those who havn't seen our new company motto!

Kind regards once again.


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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Is trying to be more productive actually causing a build up of mess in your office?

Are you trying to impress the boss by working through your lunch?

Have you got tight deadlines in work that needs completing?

Are you the boss of a company and have a heavy workload?

Is trying to be more productive in the office creating a mess?

These are just some of the questions I like to ask when I inspect peoples business premises when I'm being asked to sort out their office cleaning requirements.

I ask is it cost effective to run your business & do the cleaning at the same time.

In most cases it's best to employ a reputable cleaning company who will take care of all the mess and clutter around the office.  This way you can be far more productive in your workplace and in a national survey 80 percent of staff work better in a clean and tidy environment.  Therefore its actually counter productive cleaning yourselves because you arn't getting the best out of your staff or even yourself if you are the business owner because you are to busy trying to find bits of paper or sifting through junk on your desk because you have been too busy working to deadlines you are forgetting to keep everything organised.

Things may seem like an organised mess but it is in fact still a mess!! So you are only building up clutter around your work station and office and this then creates a cluttered mind!

It also takes 1 germ to multiply into an astonishing 8 million in under 24 hours!!

Your workstation is in fact 445 times carrying more bacteria than your average toilet seat!

So this tells me that many germs and illnesses are spread so easily throughout the office thus causing staff to take time of with sickness!

If you are the business then ask yourself again "is it cost effective to do all your own cleaning and run your business"?

Its a very good question.

If you look at all the top companies they all employ reputable cleaners to sort all these problems out so then they are maximising the full potential of each member of the team rather than spending so much time at the end of each day tidying and cleaning the office or looking for stuff that has been misplaced.

Our office cleaning company in Chester are now a national cleaning company catering from small to medium sized business's to large corporations with a large portfolio of clients across England and Wales.

If you want any advice or information or just want a general chit chat feel free to CONTACT ME anytime up until 9pm each evening.  I always get back to each and every client the same working day and I'm always available to speak to on my personal mobile number.

I like to reiterate that we arn't a faceless corporation and I like to be part of the good community that I have tried to create so you will always know that you have the best person possible to have a good chat with and to go through your needs as a business to move forward as its not just the cleaning we discuss as I have a great understanding of business and getting the most out of your workplace.

Kind regards.



Sunday, 1 June 2014

Are you here because you have thought about getting a cleaner?

A good cleaner can help you get more organised at home and also in the workplace.  If you work hard all day the last thing you want to do is come home to do the cleaning.  Everything can become so cluttered around the home and an untidy home can mean a lot of stress and arguing!  If you want to put your feet up without having to do any cleaning at all when you get home EMAIL ME

I am always on hand for any advice or problems you may have or if you want a general chat about stuff again thats fine.

I always reply to my emails the same working day normally early evening is best, as well as making phone calls as I'm in peoples homes majority of the day so its easier having a chat early evening.

Just let me know whether you want a regular clean or a spring clean or if you are moving out of your property and need an end of tenancy clean again just leave your details with a brief description and I will be in touch.

For regular cleaning of homes we cover all areas of Chester including, Hoole, Newton, Upton, Vicars Cross, Kingsway, Christleton, Littleton, Waverton, Boughton, Chester City Centre, Huntington, Handbridge, Curzon Park, Westminster Park, Lache, Saltney, Saltney Ferry, Doddleston, Broughton, Blacon, Saughall, plus all other surrounding areas.

I also have a superb team of  cleaners in Ellesmere Port for regular cleaning of homes.
For end of tenancy cleaning we cover the whole of Cheshire, Wirral, NWales, Merseyside & Manchester.

All staff are personally vetted by myself and with it being my business you will have the surety of knowing that your home/office is in the very best of hands.



Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Monday, 17 February 2014

Do you work hard all day and have to come home to do all the housework?

Do you live a busy lifestyle?

Do you run your business from home and have to do all the housework?

Have you thought about getting yourself a cleaner?

A lot of people with busy lives think about getting a cleaner but don't end up employing one for various reasons or they just don't get around to sorting one out because they are so busy.  Once you think about getting a cleaner in its good to go ahead and make a few enquiries and shop around for a reputable cleaning company as explained in my blog post further down about having a shop around.

A good cleaner will help you with your homelife and worklife and freeing your time up to do more things with the family or more time spent on your business if you run your business from home.  I ask business owners "Is it cost effective to run your business from home and do the housework?". I think its a relatively simple question and can help you understand the pro's of having a cleaner in your home while you get on with work.  The last thing you want to be doing is tidying the house and keeping on top of the clutter that can easily build up while you are concentrating your efforts on work.

Do you work hard all day and have to come home to do all the housework?

Depending on whether you work hard all day or work then have to pick the kids up after school then come home and do the tea, the last thing that you want to be doing is cleaning the house.  Why not employ a cleaner to do all that for you so then your home is nice and clean ready for when you get home from your hectic day.  Its a great feeling knowing that when you return home that evening that you know your house will be spotlessly clean and then you can put your feet up and relax.

Cleaning your home can be an arduous task in itself without all the hustle and bustle of every day life.  So if you are thinking about employing a cleaner for your domestic cleaning in Chester have a good chat with the owner first and let them know exactly what you want doing.  A reputable cleaning company will work closely with you and take all your needs and wants into account so you can keep a good relationship going throughout.

Kind regards.


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"If you look after your cleaner your cleaner will look after you"

Saturday, 15 February 2014

3 of the best cleaning tips for your home.

Do you know what the nations least favourite cleaning chore is?

In a national survey it revealed that cleaning the oven was our worst cleaning task with 40 percent of people asked stated that it was the number one household chore that they most disliked doing.

Surprisingly it come above cleaning the toilet which had 18 percent of the vote.

We have compiled a list of 3 natural cleaning tips for you to go at from the leading premiere cleaning company in Chester Clean Queen for you to have a go at.

How to remove limescale deposits from your showerhead?

If your showerhead is full of limescale and it is also non removeable then don't despair!

Take a plastic bowl and fill it with hot white vinegar which can be heated up over a stove in a little pan.  Immerse the showerhead in the bowl.  Now tape the showerhead to the bowl which will keep the bowl in place and stop it from moving about.

Now leave everything for no longer than an hour. Remove the tape from the bowl.  The limescale will now be loose and some will be in the vinegar.  Get an old toothbrush and give the showerhead a good scrub.  Make sure you run the shower once you have finished to get rid of any excess vinegar.  Now wipe the outside of the showerhead with a wet cloth and then to finish off buff it all up with a dry cloth and hey presto!

How to remove red wine from your carpet?

If you are worried that you have spilt red wine on your carpet and you think your carpet is ruined don't worry as this little simple trick should help you out no problem.

Simply spray on soda water to the affected area then dab with layers of paper towels.

You should continue to do his until there is no colouring left on your paper towels!

Best tip for cleaning your windows.

When cleaning your windows inside or out it can be an arduous task.

Mix 25 percent vinegar into a bowl with 75 percent warm water. Wear some rubber gloves and put an old cotton towel into the bowl.  Rub the towel onto the windows giving a good wipe all over.  Then get some old scrunched up newspapers and buff them up.  Newspapers are an absolute treat for cleaning windows.  If there are any streaks left still then use a dry cloth to finish off.  Your windows will be gleaming after this.

I will give you some more little tips over the coming weeks for you to have a go at or if you would like to bookmark my posts or even feel free to share with your friends that would be brilliant.

Thanks once again for taking your time out to read and if you would like to know anything about myself please read the about me part at the bottom of the page.

Kind regards once again.


Friday, 7 February 2014

Look after your cleaner and your cleaner will look after you.

Our new company motto is pretty self explanatory really - "Look after your cleaner and your cleaner will look after you".

Do you work hard all day and have to come home to do all the housework?

Do you run your business from home and spend time in between on your housework when that time could be spent on your business?

Have you a hectic lifestyle with kids and work and have to juggle all the housework on a daily basis?

The answers to these questions are the reason why most people employ a cleaner. A good cleaner can help you with your home life and make you feel like your home is clutter free or nice and clean and also help you become more organised in your home life or work life or both.

There is no worse feeling than having a long day in work and having to come home to do all the house cleaning. Things can get left about the house cluttering up spaces, certain items arn't cleaned around the home and before you know it everywhere seems a mess which can then have an effect on your brain and life because you arn't concentrating on other things which you may need to be doing.

Things can really seem more unorganised.

Employing a good cleaner can become one of the best things you can do in your life as your life can then be stress free in regards to spending hours cleaning your home.

Its a great feeling coming home to a nice clean home.

A good reputable cleaner will work closely with you and understand your needs and also what is required.

If you look after your cleaner and treat them right they will often go that extra mile to please you as they get as much satisfaction in a job well done as much as your good feeling when you get home!

If you require any domestic cleaning services in Chester or surrounding areas or need any advice  regarding any cleaning matters or your not happy with your existing cleaning company or whatever please feel free to call us anytime or email us your details and we 'll gladly call you back no problem.

Thanks once again for taking time out to read and if you would like to share this page on either google, twitter or FB that would be greatly appreciated by myself and my team.

Kind regards.



Sunday, 26 January 2014

Do you require an end of tenancy clean in Chester or Ellesmere Port?

If you require an end of tenancy clean in Chester or Ellesmere Port, Neston, or surrounding areas across the Wirral and also NWales its best to use a reputable cleaning company for these types of cleans, as they will know what your landlord, estate agents or rental company expect from these special cleans.

A good cleaning company normally has a good raporte with local landlords, etc, so they know exactly what it is that they expect the condition of the property to be left in.

Sometimes the property can vary from a studio flat to a 10 bedroom student let and these cleans normally require 2/3 cleaners to give the property a full deep clean depending on the size of the property and can often take a few hours when done properly by a reputable cleaning company.

The clean normally includes cleaning insides of windows, door frames, skirting boards, cobwebs, kitchen cupboards (inside and out), worktops, sometimes kitchen appliances (fridges, etc), bathrooms to a high standard, all floors, bannisters, all woodwork, lightshades, light switches, etc. It entails quite a lot of cleaning.

Also, if you have carpets in your property you need to check with your landlord if these need to be cleaned also as these normally come under a separate charge from the end of tenancy clean and normally the oven does to.

So there is quite a bit to think of before moving house before you hand your keys back in to your landlord, estate agents, etc, as the last thing you want to lose is some of your deposit and also you can keep the good name of yourselves intact especially if you are using the same landlords or whatever.

A landlord expects the property to be left in the condition you moved into your home in so the best thing is to call in the cleaners to spruce the place over.

Nothing pleases a good landlord more than than his/her property being left in a great condition.

We deal with many landlords across Chester and surrounding areas and many across Cheshire, Wirral and NWales too, in fact we have quite a few from other counties too, and 99 percent of them say they want the property to be left in a nice condition.

If you require a one off clean in Chester or any of the areas mentioned above or you need any advice if there is anything you are unsure about please don't hesitate to contact me anytime.

Before you commit yourself to anything with any cleaning company don't always go with the cheapest quote because it can cost you more in the long run and what I mean by that is if you think you can just get anyone in to do these types of cleans and they don't do a good job, up to what is expected, then sometimes it can cost you more getting another company to come back and do the work properly.

Thanks for taking the time out to read and I look forward to writing more articles for you all and giving you some good advice and information which you can take on board when choosing the right cleaners for your home.

Kind regards.


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"If you look after your cleaner your cleaner will look after you"

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Domestic cleaning services in Chester - Shop around

Our domestic cleaning services in Chester & Ellesmere Port is going from strength to strength right now as we have a great team of cleaning staff on board all of whom are reliable, honest & hardworking.

We have had a great last couple of months with many new clients coming on board all of whom I may add are still with us and I wish for that to continue as we do have great relationships with each and every one of our clients.

I do like to say to new clients or if someone calls for advice or emails me or whatever I do tell them to not just go with the first cleaning company they get hold of.

I recommend trying at least 3 different companies and if you are still not happy then try another one as there are so many people setting up cleaning companies or want to earn a bit of extra cash it can be difficult in choosing the right cleaning company across Chester & Ellesmere Port.  You only have to go through to see what I mean!

Once you are successful in obtaining the right cleaner [you will normally have a good feeling] you will normally know if you have got the right one in after the first possibly second clean.

A good and reputable cleaner will not just be waiting for their cash, they will be waiting for a text to say job well done as they normally have a sense of achievement in making your home look nice for when you get in from work or whatever.

If you do get a really good cleaner in then I have a little motto and its "look after your cleaner and your cleaner will look after you".

In most cases the cleaner almost becomes part of the family and becomes sometimes quite dependable as they are there to make your home life more comfortable and help you keep on top of things more easily.

Things can become more organised around the home and its great if you run your business from home because sometimes it can be difficult keeping on top of both! It can be quite cost effective to have a cleaner in your home while you run your business in your little office in the house!

Say if you spend 5 hours cleaning the house then thats 5 hours you could have spent on your business!

If you require any advice or want to get in touch anytime I am always on hand to speak to [well normally early evenings is best for me as I also do quite a lot of cleaning jobs myself!] or you can email me and I always reply to my emails, again early evenings are best for me as I personally deal with each and every client myself and deal with each and every new enquiry myself.

I just like to let each and every person know that we are not a faceless corporation and that we are very approachable so please ask for any advice regarding any cleaning matters anytime.

Kind regards.


Number one on google for "cleaners in Chester".

Remember: "look after your cleaner and your cleaner will look after you!".