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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Domestic cleaning services in Chester - Shop around

Our domestic cleaning services in Chester & Ellesmere Port is going from strength to strength right now as we have a great team of cleaning staff on board all of whom are reliable, honest & hardworking.

We have had a great last couple of months with many new clients coming on board all of whom I may add are still with us and I wish for that to continue as we do have great relationships with each and every one of our clients.

I do like to say to new clients or if someone calls for advice or emails me or whatever I do tell them to not just go with the first cleaning company they get hold of.

I recommend trying at least 3 different companies and if you are still not happy then try another one as there are so many people setting up cleaning companies or want to earn a bit of extra cash it can be difficult in choosing the right cleaning company across Chester & Ellesmere Port.  You only have to go through to see what I mean!

Once you are successful in obtaining the right cleaner [you will normally have a good feeling] you will normally know if you have got the right one in after the first possibly second clean.

A good and reputable cleaner will not just be waiting for their cash, they will be waiting for a text to say job well done as they normally have a sense of achievement in making your home look nice for when you get in from work or whatever.

If you do get a really good cleaner in then I have a little motto and its "look after your cleaner and your cleaner will look after you".

In most cases the cleaner almost becomes part of the family and becomes sometimes quite dependable as they are there to make your home life more comfortable and help you keep on top of things more easily.

Things can become more organised around the home and its great if you run your business from home because sometimes it can be difficult keeping on top of both! It can be quite cost effective to have a cleaner in your home while you run your business in your little office in the house!

Say if you spend 5 hours cleaning the house then thats 5 hours you could have spent on your business!

If you require any advice or want to get in touch anytime I am always on hand to speak to [well normally early evenings is best for me as I also do quite a lot of cleaning jobs myself!] or you can email me and I always reply to my emails, again early evenings are best for me as I personally deal with each and every client myself and deal with each and every new enquiry myself.

I just like to let each and every person know that we are not a faceless corporation and that we are very approachable so please ask for any advice regarding any cleaning matters anytime.

Kind regards.


Number one on google for "cleaners in Chester".

Remember: "look after your cleaner and your cleaner will look after you!".

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