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Monday, 17 February 2014

Do you work hard all day and have to come home to do all the housework?

Do you live a busy lifestyle?

Do you run your business from home and have to do all the housework?

Have you thought about getting yourself a cleaner?

A lot of people with busy lives think about getting a cleaner but don't end up employing one for various reasons or they just don't get around to sorting one out because they are so busy.  Once you think about getting a cleaner in its good to go ahead and make a few enquiries and shop around for a reputable cleaning company as explained in my blog post further down about having a shop around.

A good cleaner will help you with your homelife and worklife and freeing your time up to do more things with the family or more time spent on your business if you run your business from home.  I ask business owners "Is it cost effective to run your business from home and do the housework?". I think its a relatively simple question and can help you understand the pro's of having a cleaner in your home while you get on with work.  The last thing you want to be doing is tidying the house and keeping on top of the clutter that can easily build up while you are concentrating your efforts on work.

Do you work hard all day and have to come home to do all the housework?

Depending on whether you work hard all day or work then have to pick the kids up after school then come home and do the tea, the last thing that you want to be doing is cleaning the house.  Why not employ a cleaner to do all that for you so then your home is nice and clean ready for when you get home from your hectic day.  Its a great feeling knowing that when you return home that evening that you know your house will be spotlessly clean and then you can put your feet up and relax.

Cleaning your home can be an arduous task in itself without all the hustle and bustle of every day life.  So if you are thinking about employing a cleaner for your domestic cleaning in Chester have a good chat with the owner first and let them know exactly what you want doing.  A reputable cleaning company will work closely with you and take all your needs and wants into account so you can keep a good relationship going throughout.

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"If you look after your cleaner your cleaner will look after you"

Saturday, 15 February 2014

3 of the best cleaning tips for your home.

Do you know what the nations least favourite cleaning chore is?

In a national survey it revealed that cleaning the oven was our worst cleaning task with 40 percent of people asked stated that it was the number one household chore that they most disliked doing.

Surprisingly it come above cleaning the toilet which had 18 percent of the vote.

We have compiled a list of 3 natural cleaning tips for you to go at from the leading premiere cleaning company in Chester Clean Queen for you to have a go at.

How to remove limescale deposits from your showerhead?

If your showerhead is full of limescale and it is also non removeable then don't despair!

Take a plastic bowl and fill it with hot white vinegar which can be heated up over a stove in a little pan.  Immerse the showerhead in the bowl.  Now tape the showerhead to the bowl which will keep the bowl in place and stop it from moving about.

Now leave everything for no longer than an hour. Remove the tape from the bowl.  The limescale will now be loose and some will be in the vinegar.  Get an old toothbrush and give the showerhead a good scrub.  Make sure you run the shower once you have finished to get rid of any excess vinegar.  Now wipe the outside of the showerhead with a wet cloth and then to finish off buff it all up with a dry cloth and hey presto!

How to remove red wine from your carpet?

If you are worried that you have spilt red wine on your carpet and you think your carpet is ruined don't worry as this little simple trick should help you out no problem.

Simply spray on soda water to the affected area then dab with layers of paper towels.

You should continue to do his until there is no colouring left on your paper towels!

Best tip for cleaning your windows.

When cleaning your windows inside or out it can be an arduous task.

Mix 25 percent vinegar into a bowl with 75 percent warm water. Wear some rubber gloves and put an old cotton towel into the bowl.  Rub the towel onto the windows giving a good wipe all over.  Then get some old scrunched up newspapers and buff them up.  Newspapers are an absolute treat for cleaning windows.  If there are any streaks left still then use a dry cloth to finish off.  Your windows will be gleaming after this.

I will give you some more little tips over the coming weeks for you to have a go at or if you would like to bookmark my posts or even feel free to share with your friends that would be brilliant.

Thanks once again for taking your time out to read and if you would like to know anything about myself please read the about me part at the bottom of the page.

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Friday, 7 February 2014

Look after your cleaner and your cleaner will look after you.

Our new company motto is pretty self explanatory really - "Look after your cleaner and your cleaner will look after you".

Do you work hard all day and have to come home to do all the housework?

Do you run your business from home and spend time in between on your housework when that time could be spent on your business?

Have you a hectic lifestyle with kids and work and have to juggle all the housework on a daily basis?

The answers to these questions are the reason why most people employ a cleaner. A good cleaner can help you with your home life and make you feel like your home is clutter free or nice and clean and also help you become more organised in your home life or work life or both.

There is no worse feeling than having a long day in work and having to come home to do all the house cleaning. Things can get left about the house cluttering up spaces, certain items arn't cleaned around the home and before you know it everywhere seems a mess which can then have an effect on your brain and life because you arn't concentrating on other things which you may need to be doing.

Things can really seem more unorganised.

Employing a good cleaner can become one of the best things you can do in your life as your life can then be stress free in regards to spending hours cleaning your home.

Its a great feeling coming home to a nice clean home.

A good reputable cleaner will work closely with you and understand your needs and also what is required.

If you look after your cleaner and treat them right they will often go that extra mile to please you as they get as much satisfaction in a job well done as much as your good feeling when you get home!

If you require any domestic cleaning services in Chester or surrounding areas or need any advice  regarding any cleaning matters or your not happy with your existing cleaning company or whatever please feel free to call us anytime or email us your details and we 'll gladly call you back no problem.

Thanks once again for taking time out to read and if you would like to share this page on either google, twitter or FB that would be greatly appreciated by myself and my team.

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