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Saturday, 15 February 2014

3 of the best cleaning tips for your home.

Do you know what the nations least favourite cleaning chore is?

In a national survey it revealed that cleaning the oven was our worst cleaning task with 40 percent of people asked stated that it was the number one household chore that they most disliked doing.

Surprisingly it come above cleaning the toilet which had 18 percent of the vote.

We have compiled a list of 3 natural cleaning tips for you to go at from the leading premiere cleaning company in Chester Clean Queen for you to have a go at.

How to remove limescale deposits from your showerhead?

If your showerhead is full of limescale and it is also non removeable then don't despair!

Take a plastic bowl and fill it with hot white vinegar which can be heated up over a stove in a little pan.  Immerse the showerhead in the bowl.  Now tape the showerhead to the bowl which will keep the bowl in place and stop it from moving about.

Now leave everything for no longer than an hour. Remove the tape from the bowl.  The limescale will now be loose and some will be in the vinegar.  Get an old toothbrush and give the showerhead a good scrub.  Make sure you run the shower once you have finished to get rid of any excess vinegar.  Now wipe the outside of the showerhead with a wet cloth and then to finish off buff it all up with a dry cloth and hey presto!

How to remove red wine from your carpet?

If you are worried that you have spilt red wine on your carpet and you think your carpet is ruined don't worry as this little simple trick should help you out no problem.

Simply spray on soda water to the affected area then dab with layers of paper towels.

You should continue to do his until there is no colouring left on your paper towels!

Best tip for cleaning your windows.

When cleaning your windows inside or out it can be an arduous task.

Mix 25 percent vinegar into a bowl with 75 percent warm water. Wear some rubber gloves and put an old cotton towel into the bowl.  Rub the towel onto the windows giving a good wipe all over.  Then get some old scrunched up newspapers and buff them up.  Newspapers are an absolute treat for cleaning windows.  If there are any streaks left still then use a dry cloth to finish off.  Your windows will be gleaming after this.

I will give you some more little tips over the coming weeks for you to have a go at or if you would like to bookmark my posts or even feel free to share with your friends that would be brilliant.

Thanks once again for taking your time out to read and if you would like to know anything about myself please read the about me part at the bottom of the page.

Kind regards once again.


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