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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Brilliant last few weeks.

Last month, May 2014, we were inundated with requests for regular cleaning of homes and also quite a number of end tenancy cleans totalling 28 enquiries altogether just for the Chester area alone!
We gained many new clients all of whom were completely satisfied with the work undertaken by ourselves which again shows me that we are doing a job well done.  I also booked in another 6 student properties with one student let company for the summer holidays along with the many I have booked in already through another letting agent.  We also gained 2 more office cleaning contracts which I am pleased to say we have started off with a good working relationship, again, shows me that my cleaning team aim to please!

I do a lot of the work myself but also have a fantastic team around me and I'm very careful not to take anyone on who just isn't up for the job or a bit of hardwork!

The cleaning team I have work tirelessly as it can be an arduous task cleaning homes each day but they all know what we expect from them and also my clients all know what to expect now when they return home from work or have had a busy day or whatever they know they are all returning home to a nice clean house.

It's great when we get a nice little note just to say "wonderful Adele" or whatever or a little text through of our clients because then that makes me feel even more happy and also it makes us all feel more appreciated as I know some cleaning companies can get a hard time but thats normally because they are just employing anyone to fill their space because they have a new client.

If I had a new client on board but didn't have the right cleaner available then I would really have to apologise to the new client and advise him/her that at this time we don't have any spaces available for you until a reputable cleaner can be added to my team.

I feel its so important to have and to keep the good reputation of Clean Queen that it has taken a few years to be built up that I wouldnt want it to be lost within 5 minutes, because this is what can happen when employing the wrong staff.

So all in all a good positive outcome for the end of last month and the trend has continued on into this month which I am very pleased again to say with a couple more home visits next week booked in and hopefully all goes well.

I really like to get to know each client personally and I know I think I've explained that in older blog posts but I really want all my clients to know that I am always on hand up until 9pm each evening as I understand some people get in later than others from work and this is part of the nature of running a business. It's never a 9-5 job! ha But again I don't mind getting a text or call or even an email later on I always do my best to reply to everyone the same working day but it is normally early evening that is best.

So there is a bit more for you to read about us and I'd like to welcome on board all the new clients once again and still a big thanks with all those who are still with us :)

Remember "if you look after your cleaner your cleaner will look after you". Thats for those who havn't seen our new company motto!

Kind regards once again.


Tel:        07541 535451

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