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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Is trying to be more productive actually causing a build up of mess in your office?

Are you trying to impress the boss by working through your lunch?

Have you got tight deadlines in work that needs completing?

Are you the boss of a company and have a heavy workload?

Is trying to be more productive in the office creating a mess?

These are just some of the questions I like to ask when I inspect peoples business premises when I'm being asked to sort out their office cleaning requirements.

I ask is it cost effective to run your business & do the cleaning at the same time.

In most cases it's best to employ a reputable cleaning company who will take care of all the mess and clutter around the office.  This way you can be far more productive in your workplace and in a national survey 80 percent of staff work better in a clean and tidy environment.  Therefore its actually counter productive cleaning yourselves because you arn't getting the best out of your staff or even yourself if you are the business owner because you are to busy trying to find bits of paper or sifting through junk on your desk because you have been too busy working to deadlines you are forgetting to keep everything organised.

Things may seem like an organised mess but it is in fact still a mess!! So you are only building up clutter around your work station and office and this then creates a cluttered mind!

It also takes 1 germ to multiply into an astonishing 8 million in under 24 hours!!

Your workstation is in fact 445 times carrying more bacteria than your average toilet seat!

So this tells me that many germs and illnesses are spread so easily throughout the office thus causing staff to take time of with sickness!

If you are the business then ask yourself again "is it cost effective to do all your own cleaning and run your business"?

Its a very good question.

If you look at all the top companies they all employ reputable cleaners to sort all these problems out so then they are maximising the full potential of each member of the team rather than spending so much time at the end of each day tidying and cleaning the office or looking for stuff that has been misplaced.

Our office cleaning company in Chester are now a national cleaning company catering from small to medium sized business's to large corporations with a large portfolio of clients across England and Wales.

If you want any advice or information or just want a general chit chat feel free to CONTACT ME anytime up until 9pm each evening.  I always get back to each and every client the same working day and I'm always available to speak to on my personal mobile number.

I like to reiterate that we arn't a faceless corporation and I like to be part of the good community that I have tried to create so you will always know that you have the best person possible to have a good chat with and to go through your needs as a business to move forward as its not just the cleaning we discuss as I have a great understanding of business and getting the most out of your workplace.

Kind regards.



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