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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Timesaving cleaning tip from your professional house cleaning company

Most of us when knowing you have to clean the house don't actually have a plan on where to start.  Firstly its a good idea if your on your phone a lot to turn it off!  Just a simple suggestion as many people get sidetracked which then causes your jobs to take a lot longer than they should otherwise.
I always start with the simple jobs first quickly and easily so that then you feel more motivated to tackle those bigger cleaning tasks such as the kitchen and bathrooms.
I normally suggest starting on either your living room, dining room or even your home office as being the best rooms to start your cleaning but this depends on the household you live in.  Once these tasks are out the way you will then feel like you have gotten somewhere and have some sense of achievement which then motivates you to start those other jobs.
Just another quick tip from your favourite cleaning company Clean Queen
For those items like your grimy toothbrush holder or your soap dish have a look a my great tip for using your dishwasher for cleaning other household items
Please feel free to post and share any of my tips or if you know anyone please point them in the right direction HERE of where to come to if they require any help or advice regarding there cleaning requirements.
Many thanks for taking your time out to read my 30 second quick tip once again.

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